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Quick behind the scenes on the Chickenfoot 3D shoot

Quick behind the scenes on the Chickenfoot 3D shoot some years ago. I was digging thru my archives and found some behind the scenes footage from the chickenfoot 3D album cover shoot. Here is the original post with pictures and alot more! Click here


Formula 1 documentary in 3D – Behind the Scenes

A few years ago I had the great opportunity to work with one my life passions, Formula one and film. I was asked to do some 3D steadicam for a 3D portion of the Formula One documentary called “One-life on the limit”. Directed by Paul


Introducing Air Cine Digital !

I’m please to announce the formation of a new R/C aerial cinematography company of which I am the camera operator Http:// I partnered up with one of the best pilot’s in the skies Alex Zayika in order to offer some of the best R/C aerial


New ARRI Alexa underwater housing !

New ARRI Alexa underwater housing ! Zuccarini Design fabricated by Watershot LLC,   I had a chance to look this housing over and …….well it’s a work of art! Complete access to all of the cameras functions, superlightweight construction (carbon Fiber&Alumn.) Depth Rated at 135+


Sony F55 test fitment on ScreenPlane 3D rig.

Initial test fitting for possible upcoming project. Great camera, I think we will be seeing it on alot of 3D sets soon. Works great in the rig…. Testing the fitment with the Leica Summilux lenses.   Testing the fitment with the Angeniuex Rouge Zoom lenses.


Shooting on film…..the emulsion emotion.

The Emulsion Emotion. Recently I have had the opportunity to shoot 2 projects on film after over more than a year of only digital projects. Much of that is due to the fact that I work a lot with stereoscopic 3D projects. Native 3D is