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C-Motion Cvolution wireless lens controller in-depth walk through – Pt.1 2D

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C-Motion Cvolution wireless lens controller in-depth walk through – Pt.1 2D

Part 2 will with how to use the Cvolution on a 3D rig in 3D mode.

The new Cmotion Cvolution wireless lens controller has so many awesome new features that set it apart from others like Preston, I figured it was time to do a in-depth walk through video explaining all the features and benefits of this incredible system. I also go into the C-finder and the C-display. I also explain the differences between the new cvolution and the old hand unit.

There are some few new features since I shot this video due to firmware updates. But most of the information in the video is accurate and up to date…

Here is a shot of the Reciver “Camin 8m” note how much smaller it is than a Preston MDR even though it supports up to 8 motors!

any issues let me know.

here is the video (its 56mins long….covers everything you need to know!)
Cmotion Cvolution Video

For Cvolution rentals for your productin contact me – or

For more manufacturer information

Thanks to our gracious hosts that allowed me to use thier location to shoot this video.

*************PART 2 – 3D *****************


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