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A look inside an ARRI 3 underwater housing *Available for rent*

I now happy to offer a look inside one of the workhorses of the underwater cinematography industry for the last few decades. Designed by Famed Underwater DP Peter Zuccarini and Watershot of San Diego, CA these housings are a work of art!
I’m now offering these for rent. Contact me for a quote anytime!

Click here to watch a video I made where I take you for a look inside this amazing peice of cinema technology!

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Let’s take a look inside at these amazing housing that have captured some of the most memorable images over the last decade in your favorite movies.

The impressive “super dome” port. Designed to work with Cooke S4 prime lenses.

I am a Local 600 UNION camera operator here in Hollywood. I have scuba certified by PADI for deep diving, wreck diving, NITROX diving, Drysuit diving.

I have extensive experience with underwater cinematography having worked in nature documentaries, feature films and many commercials.

I have 2 of these ARRI 3 housing and 1 ALEXA housing available to rent. naturally you can contact me anytime regarding my services as a underwater DP cameraman.

Feel free contact me anytime.

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