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Behind the scenes – Live 3D Broadcast for DirectTV 3D – Formula Drift !

LIVE! 3D broadcast behind the scenes straight from the field to you!

Over the last couple of years I am proud to say I am one of the 3D team members managed by lead stereographer Mike Rintoul that shoot many of the live events and programs that air in the USA on DirectTV’s 3D network N3d.

In collaboration with VER (for equipment) the 3D rigs are made by 3ality Technica (QUASAR), the lenses by Canon and Fujinon and the cameras and 3D hardware by SONY. Cameras are Sony P1’s. Our main peices of Sony hardware that make all this possible is the Sony HDFA-200 and the MPE-200.

The behind the scenes video take a look behind the curtains to see how we are doing live 3D broadcast today! Some of you might of seen this gear at NAB or other demos but here is a quick look at in use out on the field.

I hope you enjoy the video! Gives you a sense of what it’s like to pull convergence with the big boys!

and on VIMEO here.

Here is a gallery with more pictures from the event,

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