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ChickenFoot 3D shot!


Worked as stereographer for the new albums release for supergroup

“Chicken Foot”. Using a P+S Technik 3D rig along with a
Canon 1D mk2 cameras to shoot 3D band stills(coverart) for posters.
Also utilizing a Element Technica Dark country rig with Si-2k
cameras and cinedeck recorder to shoot 3D video that will also
serve to promote the new album.

Check out the finished product!


Directed by Jon Hill
Sterographer Pedro Guimaraes
1st AC / DIT Rick Ewald

Chicken Foot:
Sammy Hagar – Lead Vocals (Van Halen)
Joe Satriani – Lead Guitar (Deep Purple and guitar virtuoso)
Mike Anthony- (Van Halen)
Chad Smith – Drums (Red Hot Chili Peppers)


Great Crew! What a day! So much fun. Thanks to Chickenfoot
we got some great material! I’m sure the fans will enjoy it very

2 thoughts on “ChickenFoot 3D shot!”

  1. Brad says:

    Thanks !!
    Can’t wait to see that :)

    Have you more pics of this 3D shot ?

    1. pedro says:

      Well … buy the chicken foot album! tons of 3D pictures in the cover art…. see more here.

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