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Cmotion Cvolution lens controller in-depth walk through – Pt.2 3D

Cmotion Cvolution wireless lens controller in-depth walk through – Pt.2 3D

The new Cmotion Cvolution wireless lens controller has so many awesome new features that set it apart from others like Preston, I figured it was time to do a in-depth walk through video explaining all the features and benefits of this incredible system when used in 3D applications.

Before you watch this make sure to watch part1 and learn all the basic and advanced functionality in 2D mode.
CLICK HERE to read that article or click HERE to watch the part1 VIDEO

In PART 2 I go into all the 3D functions you need to master and use on a 3D production. The Cvolution will work with almost ALL the 3D rigs and in the market. It can record METADATA and lots of advanced functions.

The 8-Motor “Camin” pictured here is very small and compact and much smaller than Preston3D or Element Technica3D lens controller transmitters.

There are additional “advanced” functions that I don’t cover in this video that ONLY apply when you use the system with a ScreenPlane rig. I will cover those in another final video Part 3.

I Do cover everything you need to know to setup and shoot in 3D with the Cmotion Cvolution system.

Watch the video on Vimeo in HD….in depth tutorial…


I hope you find it useful and educational!!

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Thanks to our gracious hosts that allowed me to use thier location to shoot this video….use the amazing Screenplane rig and PANTHER TriStar Dolly