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My first documentary project shot with the new Sony F55 in 4k raw

I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a fantastic crew under the eye of DP Robert Settlemire. We were headed to the lush rainforests of Costa Rica on a important documentary project that will be shown at the United Nations. The project focuses on Costa Ricas incredible advances in green technology and sustainable architecture, farming and energy.

Also what made me excited was that we would be using Sony’s new F55 camera and shooting in 4k raw. While this would NOT be my first project using the camera it would be my first time heading to another country and into the forest with this relatively new camera with a fresh software build. At least it wasn’t 3D! The last time I headed into the rainforest were shooting 3D and with prototype equipment! We had many challenges on that shoot!

Thankfully our camera was properly outfitted with some necessary and crucial ARRI PCA accessories. The baseplate/rod support, the top cheeseplate top handle, Follow focus, Mattebox and the vital viewfinder cable protector.

I happy to report that thru 6 days of shooting we had almost no problems with the camera. We had one hiccup (software glitch) and a re-boot of the camera cured the issue.

High above the capitol city of San Jose at the wind turbine energy farm.

Here you can see our DP Bobby Settlemire lining up a shot. We packed 2 Angeniuex zooms and a doubler to handle most conditions we might encounter. 15-40mm and a 45-120mm

We put the camera and crew thru the paces and shot in many different environments coastal heat, humidity of the jungle and the toxic wind of active volcanoes.

Here on the front of our boat on the Tarcoles River

In the humid rainforest jungle…..

The beautiful but toxic air of active volcanoes…


……and the lush coffee fields of Doka Estates, which of course now producing the worlds best coffee using the latest sustainable farming practices which we captured in 4k.


we also ran into just a little bit of wildlife!



We had a very successful shoot and left impressed with the range and versatility of Sony’s new camera. I imagine it must be on every documentary filmmaker wish list.


Enjoy the full gallery below!!