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Formula 1 documentary in 3D – Behind the Scenes

A few years ago I had the great opportunity to work with one my life passions, Formula one and film.

I was asked to do some 3D steadicam for a 3D portion of the Formula One documentary called “One-life on the limit”.

Directed by Paul Crowder, written by Mark Monroe, produced by Michael Shevloff and Nigel Sinclair and co-produced by Rodney Frazier, with the onboard racing segments produced by Alex King, the film tells the story of Formula 1’s ‘golden age’.

Here is the trailer for the film on Youtube.

The rig is a P+S Technik Freestyle “evolution” (updated) with Si-2k cameras ad a cinedeck recorder. We used the very popular Angeniuex Rouge 16-42mm lenses and my cmotion cvolution lens controller to control the lenses and rig.

The DP Eric Koretz wrote a fantastic article on his portion of the shoot that I was involved in. You can read it on his blog.

Here is the BTS video I put together with some of the behind the scenes I shot that day.

Watch on VIMEO

Watch on Youtube

Here some picture I shot while I wasn’t working that day.