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If you look up 3D steadicam, I’m now the guy in “the book” !!

New 2nd Edition of Jerry Holway steadicam “Bible” is released!!

The second edition of the “The Steadicam Operator’s handbook” was released. Jerry Holway was nice enough to include some pictures of me operating a 3ality Technica ATOM 3D rig in the 3D steadicam section of the book. I want to publicly thank Jerry for including me in the most “sacred” of steadicam books. It truly is an honor. I remember reading the first edition when it came out and reading it all cover to cover in awe.

Here is the new book…..! I’m now the “guy in the book….literally!”

Here Is the 3D steadicam section…..featuring 2 pictures of me!

Second page of the 3D section.


So it seams…….if you look me up, I’m now “the guy” in the book! So if you your shooting 3D and need a 3D steadicam operator, I am the man! Hahahahaha………but seriously… me. 310.592.8450 or email me anytime…. !!

Available at

Or where i bought it in-store but they also have it online…


Here is the original version of the photo. Me operating a 3ality Technica Atom Rig with Red Epic cameras, Zeiss superspeeds.


This time I’m pictured operating another 3ality Technica Atom rig, Red Epic cameras, a prototype 3ality Technica IO balance compensator and the much debated Angeniuex Rouge with the V3 lenses modification with the oscillating iris feature……all which made it possibly the heaviest 3D rig I have ever flown……and pictured here in low mode!!! Low mode was extremely taxing and I did not operate very long in that configuration….