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Introducing Air Cine Digital !

I’m please to announce the formation of a new R/C aerial cinematography company of which I am the camera operator Http://

I partnered up with one of the best pilot’s in the skies Alex Zayika in order to offer some of the best R/C aerial cinematography services yet.

Currently we are using a DJI S800 Hexacopter(6 rotor) and a z15 gimbal which works great with the small but powerful Panasonic GH2 and also Radiant Images “NOVO” camera. In development is a larger ship that will handle a RED EPIC camera.



Flight time is around 10 mins.

Control station. One monitor for the Pilot and one for the camera operator.



Everything fits into a couple of Pelican cases and is ready to fly and shoot anywhere in the world!


Shot from a recent job shooting a sailboat in the harbour.


Check out the website

Here is some recent work we did shooting a sailboat commercial.

Vimeo –

YouTube –