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New ARRI Alexa underwater housing !

New ARRI Alexa underwater housing ! Zuccarini Design fabricated by Watershot LLC,


I had a chance to look this housing over and …….well it’s a work of art!

Complete access to all of the cameras functions, superlightweight construction (carbon Fiber&Alumn.)

Depth Rated at 135+ !!

Accepts Panavion Primos as well as, Cooke s4, Master Primes, Leica, Hawk V-lites and unheard of in a underwater housing Arri LWZ 15-45 and the Angenieux 16-42 optimos.

Complete access to camera side control panel.

and all other buttons as well.

Beautiful attention to detail

Naturally also has FOCUS and IRIS control of the lens.

Default Flat front port, many other port options available as well….Dome, extenders etc..

Large side handles and long top handle are extremely useful and necessary for the operator

left side view

TOP View

THE END…..hopefully I will get to use this beautiful work of art soon and get wet with it!!

Please contact Peter Zuccarini himself at 305-661-2900 /


Myself of course 310.592.8450 / or Bobby Settlemire for any questions or rental inquiries.