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Behind the scenes video of Steadicam/Segway on a 3D football movie

Great video so you can see all the many ways to use a segway/steadicam….

This was for a untitled “3D football movie” directed by James Franco and cinematography by Christina Voros.

Here is the VIMEO link to the video

Here it is on youtube if you prefer

In the video you can see how agile the segway makes the heavy 3D steadicam rig. You can see how fast you can move and how slow you can go. All with very fine control and finesse….just like regular steadicam. More importantly with this heavy 3D rig I operated ALL DAY! and the director was able to get a lot of footage, enabled fast resets and kept the camera up and ready all day.

The segway is modified to be operated hands free and modified to be able to support the weight of the camera. Feel free to contact to find out more about using it on your next production! 310.592.8450

Camera: As I said in the video we were using S-2k mini cameras recording and being controlled by a cinedeck. Ultra primes and zoom lenses were used. To control the 3D rig and the lenses we used a C-Motion Cvolution wireless controller. All camera equipment provided by

Any technical questions regarding any of the equipment….feel free to ask me! I am also a experienced stereographer.

Hope you enjoy a look into some my work with the segway, next time you have some segway shots… contact me!

Director: James Franco
DP: Christina Voros
Steadicam Operator: Pedro Guimaraes,SOC
Jib operator: Bobby Mansouri
1stAC steadicam: Jalal Pashandi
1stAC Jib:Jason Jenson
2ndAC Steadicam: Jonas Huerta
lead 3D rig tech: Nick Lantz

Some stills from the shoot (courtesy of Radiant Images),