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Steadicam/Segway behind the scenes on a Music video (2NE1) “Happy”

Great example of segway to car shot….

This was for a music video for the Korean pop group “2NE1″ for the song “Happy”. They wanted to get some dynamic shots and wanted a way to shoot the band member in a convertible and the segway proved to be a great tool to achieve this.

We had a long single take shot going from one band member to the other but looks like in the end the director/editor ended up chopping up all the long single takes and most of the footage! That the way the cookie crumbles in music videos.

Here is the short Behind the scenes video on VIMEO

On Youtube

Hope you enjoy a look into some my work with the segway, next time you have some segway to car shots… call me up!

Camera was ARRI Alexa, Master Prime lenses, Cmotion cvolution FIZ.

Finished Music video

Here some other pictures from the shoot,