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US Olympic Water Polo project – Underwater w/Red EPIC

Got hired to film a sequence of the US Olympic water polo team as they prepare for the 2012 summer Olympics in LONDON!!

Here I am posing with the camera and our star goalie Merill Moses and the host of our program Kelly.

Incredible guys! So proud of them. They are tremendous athletes and favored for a GOLD!!

The best our country has….really amazing.

It was an honor work with them.

We shot some awesome stuff on the RED EPIC in high speed…. Lots of surface work and some cool underwater shots too. Showing all the complex movements they have to make underwater to be able to leap out of the water and do what they do.

Tech Specs:
Red EPIC camera
Hydroflex DW housing
16mm Ultra Prime (4k full coverage)
Zeiss Compact Primes (various lengths)

Here is a gallery with some pictures of an unforgettable day in the water.