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Brazil’s first 3D live action feature “Se Puder Dirija !”

“Se Puder Dirija!! 3D” –  “If possible Drive!”

As a Brazilian born filmmaker that immigrated to LA to chase the American dream and the dream to be a part of this wonderful business that is Hollywood, it has been my long time goal to do what I love and work in Brazil.

Well this dream has come true in a way much bigger than I would have ever hoped for. I got a call from one of the top feature film production companies in Brasil, Total Films as they were looking to make cinema history in Brazil and shoot the first live action 3D movie. A family comedy for all ages in partnership with Disney Brasil and Miravista. I was asked to be the Stereographer and Director of photography.

After many meetings over skype and a visit for scouting, in Sept. of 2012 we began shooting on location in downtown Rio de Janeiro. Much of the movie takes place inside a car with a 4yr old, a dog and his dad. This naturally presented many challenges for regular film making much less 3D film making. To top it off we had a very tight 24 day shooting schedule and one camera.

So early on in pre-production I realized I needed a very small, compact, efficient 3D rig that supports a cinema quality camera a lens. Thankfully German company ScreenPlane has just released a production version of just that kind of rig. It’s called the steadyflex and lets just say it was the perfect tool at the right time to get the job done. It performed fantastically, and the custom filtration made all the difference in the world. We mounted the rig inside the car, outside the car, on steadicam and all the while it maintained perfect alignment and allowed us to shoot a 3D movie in a schedule of a 2D movie with no camera delays. It is a steadicam operators dream when it comes to 3D rigs.

Workflow was super inexpensive and smooth. We shot using RED EPIC cameras, Ultra prime lenses, C-Motion Cvolution lens control and recorded proxies to a Sound Devices pix240. The Raw footage was backed up immediately by the on site DIT, the pix240 ProRes files were used to edit the movie in FCP. While on steadicam I would transmit a wireless side by side 3D signal to video village using a Paralinx HD transmitter.

The Brazilian crew was fantastic, the G&E guys really blew me away with their hustle, ingenuity and talent. I brought along my long time collaborator Bobby Settlemire to handle the 3D rig and pull focus but the rest of the crew was Brazilian.

I had the opportunity to work with one of Brazil’s top DP’s Nonato Estrella, ABC. We formed a close partnership and we worked together very well.

I am immensely proud of the project for breaking new cinematic ground in Brazil but also so the level of professionalism I witnessed all across the board.

I hope audiences laugh and enjoy the 3D as much as we laughed and had fun making the movie.

Diretor Paulo Fontenelle – DP Nonato Estrella, ABC & Pedro Guimaraes

1stAC/3D rig tech Bobby Settlemire

2ndAC Daniel Xavier

Camera PA Vlad

Key Grip “Minerinho”

Gaffer “Cabeça”

Produced by Walkiria Barbosa & Jose Dias


check out some behind the scenes pictures,