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Category Archives: On Location

ChickenFoot 3D shot!

Worked as stereographer for the new albums release for supergroup “Chicken Foot”. Using a P+S Technik 3D rig along with a Canon 1D mk2 cameras to shoot 3D band stills(coverart) for posters. Also utilizing a Element Technica Dark country rig with Si-2k cameras and cinedeck


The amazing spiderman 3D…..steadicam.

Got an email recently from the steadicam operator on the upcoming feature “The amazing spiderman”. Pedro, Nice work regarding your 3D postings. Thought I’d post a pict. of the 3ality 3D platform on a GPI PRO steadicam. 1st AC Mark Santoni and a engineer are

Heineken 3D commercial shot

Completed working on a 3D commercial for a Heineken Beer company. Jason Goodman was the Stereographer I worked as rig tech and DIT. Beautiful images created and amazing 3D! Shot using 21st century 3D BX3 Rig with Red cameras and 3DVX

The Ambush 3D

Just completed shooting “the Ambush” 3D short. I worked as stereographer on the 3D short. Produced by World War seven and DP Andrew Shulkind. Shot on BX3 and RED one cameras. Also SLX cunima rig. Directed by David Shafei DP Andrew Shulkind Stereographer / B-cam


Belly Dance Superstars 3D is released!

BELLY DANCE superstars 3D is released on DVD (anaglyph) Shot on the 21st Century 3D 3DVX camera. Click below for behind the scenes pictures from the shoot!