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Golden Gate 3D Ballet shoot. 1st shoot w/SteadyFlex rig

I recently had the pleasure of working with the talented people at a new 3D production company Golden Gate 3D more info on them on their website

The project was a beautiful 3D ballet performance in front of the Golden Gate bridge Directed by Kate DuHamel using the new Screenplane SteadiFlex rig with dual Epics and Ultra primes lenses.

It was simply amazing to work with the dancers, the director and the choreographer. Despite the extremely windy conditions we managed to pull together some amazing shots.

This marked my first job with the new ScreenPlane “Steadyflex” beamsplitter Rig. We used Ultra prime lenses and RED Epic cameras with Cmotion Cvolution wireless lens and rig control. The rig performed fantastically and worked like nothing else on my steadicam. We were able to do some incredibly dynamic shots with the dancers that would never have been done with heavier rigs. Not to mention as the operator I had very little time to rest in-between takes as we were racing the sun and the dancers only had a limited amount of stamina and it was also very cold so we had to keep rollin to try to keep some heat in thier bodies!

It was a fantastic shoot and I can’t wait to see the results!

Thanks to everyone for a great day of shooting in San Fransico!

Thank you to Golden Gate 3D for providing me with wonderful behind the scenes pictures.

Enjoy the gallery!

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