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Larger mirror box for ATOM rig!


Finally we been waiting for this! those of use wanting to get a wider focal length on the Epics that is……

It also has a larger lens port to fit lenses with 4.5″ round fronts better (angeniuex rouge).

This larger mirror should cover wider focal lengths.

THIS IS MONUMENTAL NEWS…..especially for gates and deep atom owners.

Why? well because “allegedly” it will cover 14mm on the epic……maybe someone from ET can comment.

So……to me the desired setup is epics….deep atom….and ruby 14-24’s.

I hope it’s not too late in the fabrication of the housing to accommodate the larger mirror box into the “deep atom”

Understanding the facts that have been brought up, I think it’s premature to say that a 14mm on a flat port would be unusable…..

I know first hand that recently on the $60million feature “life of pi 3D” (Ang Lee) that they used 16mm on flat port. If it’s acceptable for a movie of that level it’s not a stretch to think that a 14mm might work.

I think part of testing is seeing what is the level of “acceptable” level of issues. Also naturally how well we might be able to fix these issues in post.

so at this point I think priority is finding out if gates can accommodate the new larger mirror!

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