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#TBT ! “Air Racers 3D” Steadicam camera tests

Way back in 2009 when the Red One was state of the art…..

I was part of the camera team that shot the movie “Air Racers 3d; Forces of flight” (IMAX 3D)

Prior to the start of the movie I came up with the idea of seeing what we could get with 2 RED One Cameras side by slide on my steadicam. We went out to the hanger to film and engine test of our main airplane of the movie “Strega 7″

I shot some wide arc 180 steadicam shots from about 30′ away. Depending on the background the 3D footage actually looked pretty good.

I recently dug up this footage on my HD and decided to share with you all.

If your a fan of airplanes….airracing….. then it’s just some cool footage too!

here is the link to the video.

On my youtube channel

On my vimeo channel