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The amazing spiderman 3D…..steadicam.

Got an email recently from the steadicam operator on the upcoming feature “The amazing spiderman”.

Pedro, Nice work regarding your 3D postings.

Thought I’d post a pict. of the 3ality 3D platform on a GPI PRO steadicam. 1st AC Mark Santoni and a engineer are prepping the rig for
the ‘untitled Spider-Man Reboot’ as it is called.

We are flying two RED ‘Epics’ with Arri Ultra Primes while recording to a card. The whole package (sled + 3ality platform + 2 Epics + 2 lenses + 3 Dionic HC Batteries + Misc. electronics ) is weighing roughly at 76 lb. with Vest and Arm it is 100 lbs.

The challenges are: Balancing the rig, Wireless transmission, Power consumption, WEIGHT, Side-to-side balance when the interaxial is adjusted during the shot, Line-of-sight to the monitor and I’m sure stuff we haven’t come across yet. The photo’s are of a steadicam in the early stages of prep so ignore things that are taped on, loose wires, etc. You may notice the battery component on the bottom of the sled s a little different. This is a prototype design that GPI is working on for mass production.

I also flew the PACE rig on “Pirates 4″ with 2 RED’s…. I find both the rigs way too heavy, ball busters to say the least, hats off to anyone that has a smile on their face when carrying one of these rigs around.

Dave L.

Here is a picture of his setup during prep.

For those of you that don’t know, The 3ality rig is called the TS5. It is very new and 3ality is not a very “public” company. I hope to soon be able to test it out myself. This is their first “smaller” beamsplitter. They are are calling it their handheld/steadicam model. I will reserve further judgments until I get a chance to take a look at it and evaluate it properly.

3ality is a industry leader and has a great reputation for making great 3D images. They use advanced electronic systems in thier rigs and they have done a lot of broadcast 3D projects.

here is another look at the rig in handheld mode.

As you mentioned it is not so small or light….making things…interesting to say the least.

There is alot of as you put it “electronics/etc” that go into making most 3D rigs work. This is where the ATOM is interesting…they are building in all the electronics inside the frame of the rig. This will clean up alot of the “cable spaghetti” that happens on 3D setups.

ALL THE CHALLENGES, you describe as common 3D steadicam challenges that rig manufacturers are hoping to address with every new design….unfortunately I wish more of them would get some talented operators to help with the design BEFORE they put the rig into production!

I haven’t seen many smiles on any operators while operating any of these setups! As far as me….I’m always smiling!

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